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Works In Process

Rachel currently has three novels in the works.
Check back for updates!


Untitled #1

A swoon-worthy romantic comedy set in the Windy City of Chicago that follows a passionate film student and a reckless rookie in his second year in the MLB. This book is set to be a dual pov. This novel has themes of family dynamics, enemies to lovers, and fake dating.


Assassin’s League

A multi pov fantasy with creative and magical world building. This novel is set to be a series and follows multiple characters throughout its books. This book involves themes of death, magic, and enemies to lovers. This book will also walk the line of young adults to adult readers.


Untitled #2

A fantasy/sci-fi that follows a girl investigating the sudden death of her father. This is set to be a series with the first book being a single pov. This story has themes of death, found family, and second chance romance.